I’m Dave—a design and marketing professional that loves to help small business owners across the U.S. discover their hidden brand potential. I’ve worked at a Fortune 500 company with a portfolio of brands. I’ve also worked out of the basement of a business owner’s home. I’ve written email campaigns in an electronics parts warehouse while elevating my feet onto a box of packing peanuts to keep from freezing in the dead of winter.

Why share this? Because I’ve seen what great branding can do at every scale of business. Branding is often perceived as a fanciful, big-budget game—a game that only the largest entities in the market can play. What some leaders don’t realize is that excellent and effective branding can be attainable by any business regardless of size, scale, office space, and working heating systems!

I have tasked myself with bringing artfully crafted branding solutions to those that never thought they could attain it. Let’s work together; when it’s done with me, it’s artfully done.