Social content planning on a budget

Free download for a social media editorial calendar

Earlier in the year I provided my digital budget tracker for digital marketers to use for free. I received a lot of requests to continue my On A Budget series of Excel and Sheets trackers with emphasis on social media management. This next workbook is designed to help social media managers effectively and holistically manage their content and enhance any existing automation tools.

Social media planning and automation tools are so prevalent in today’s digital landscape that it’s rare you’ll find a business without one. They’re so commonly used that there is even a website dedicated to comparing each of them. These tools are popular because managers understand that automation takes away the drudgery of posting and gives back precious time to engage with people and build an audience.

Each of the most popular tools visualize content in unique and powerful ways, but a lot of them currently tend to fall short on helping managers plan ahead. I was not impressed with any of the features designed to help me classify, diversify and thematically unify content. I designed and now use this content editorial calendar to help me keep track of the what and the when.

I hope it serves you as well as it has been serving me.

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