Ten fun games to encourage social group engagement

All work and no play makes a Facebook Group a dull place.

Play also helps prevent serious discussions from turning into heated arguments. Group games also serve as an ice breaker to encourage new group members to contribute more throughout the week. Here are ten group games to drive entertainment, engagement and interest in your Group.

The Person Above You

In this game, a contributor to the post comments must write something about the person who last contributed to the thread. They must also make one prediction about their future, guess what kind of car they drive, and how many miles are on it!

Complete the Story

The post author must start the story by setting the scene and the plot in three or four sentences to start the story off. Each contributor in the comments section must post three words, and everyone must work toward completing the story.

Guess My Pet's Name

Each contributor in the comments section must post a picture of their pet. People can reply to the comment with their guesses. This game is a lot of fun as people tend to make guesses based on the personality of the contributor and the pet.

Autocomplete the Sentence

The post author begins a sentence. Contributors in the post comments must rewrite the sentence using their phone, and then must tap the middle autocomplete word until it completes the sentence. This sometimes results in hilarious outcomes!

Post the nth Picture in Your Camera Roll

Sometimes we snap photos that never get shared, but are interesting nonetheless. Ask contributors to post a picture from their camera roll and explain what is happening in the picture. Remind contributors to keep it SFW (safe for work)!

GIF Search

In this game, contributors in the comments section will search their first or last name in the GIF share feature. Ask them to post the first or second GIF from the results.

Two Truths and a Lie

With this fun ice-breaker, contributors will make three statements about themselves in the comments section. Other people must reply to the comment and guess which of the three statements is false. This is an effective way to make new connections within a closed group.

Poorly Describe Your Profession

In this game, contributors will do their best to poorly explain what they do. This can result in comical outcomes and levels the playing field for just about anyone. This game works best in groups that are occupationally diverse. For example, I shoot people might be used for a photographer.

Vaguely Explain a Movie Plot

Contributors will think of a movie and then explain what happens in the movie out of context in the comments section. People will reply to the comment with their guess to the movie title. For example: man dresses like a cat and visits his dead ancestors. Answer: Black Panther.


You can post a poll for just about anything. Think of something that everyone in your group would feel comfortable contributing to. For example, polls about favorite food, destinations, sports teams, movies, or activities are all safe bets.